Advanced File Manager Configuration

08-10-2019 - Penelitian
Advanced File Manager Configuration

As mentioned in the introductory File Manager Integration article, CKEditor can not only be integrated with an external application providing file browser and uploader capabilities, but the extent of this integration can be fine-tuned to your needs.

This article describes a few options available to adjust the file manager integration to your usage scenario.

The default width of the file m

anager window in CKEditor is set to 80% of the screen width, while t

he default height is set to 70% of th

e screen height.

If for any reasons the default va

lues are not suitable for you, you can adjust them by using config.filebrowserWindowWidth to change the width and config.filebrowserWindowHeight to change the height of the file manager window.

To specify the size of the file manager window in pixels, set it to a number (e.g. "800"). If you prefer to set the height and width of the window as a percentage value of the screen, do not forget to add the percent sign after the number (e.g. "60%").

The sample below shows some basic configuration code that can be used to insert a CKEditor instance with the file manager paths and window size configured.

In the example above, the config.filebrowserBrowseUrl and config.filebrowserUploadUrl settings will be used by default. In the Image Properties dialog window CKEditor will use the config.filebrowserImageBrowseUrl and config.filebrowserImageUploadUrl settings instead.